Your Brake System: It's More Than You Know

Your car stops when you press the brake pedal and you have to change your brake fluid sometimes. That's what most people know about their brakes, at least. The brake fluid is actually part of a more complex system, though. If you're interested in the mechanics of your brake system, read below.

When you push on your brake pedal, a caliper is depressed which compresses the brake fluid through the lines. As the brake fluid in the lines is compressed, this causes the brake pads to squeeze on the rotors, which spin with the vehicle's wheels. Your vehicle then stops due to this. When the brake fluid goes bad because contaminant such as moisture or debris, this can compromise the efficiency of your brake fluid.

If you would like to know more about your brake system, or if you are concerned about your brake fluid, stop by our service center at Eagle Volvo in Riverhead, and we'll be happy to chat with you and take a look at your vehicle.

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