With the change of the seasons upon us you're going to want to make sure you're getting the quality tires that you need to combat the colder weather. However, you may not know what constitutes good tires but we want to help you. You should know what will keep you safe and what won't in troubling weather.

Understanding Your Tire Wear

If you want to help keep your tires evenly worn and prolong their tire life you need to check your tire wear patterns. Tires can become misaligned and in turn create rapid or uneven wear on your tires. By periodically aligning your tires you can prevent uneven or rapid wear on your tires.

You can also correct irregular tire wear by rotating your tires. You can consult your owners manual to see the proper tire rotation pattern you should take for your vehicle. Uneven wear can mean that your tires are misagligned, imbalanced, or there might be another mechanical problem involved that needs fixing. If this is the case you shouldn't hesitate to ask your service technician to take a look at it.

It's important to check in on your tires regularly because tire tread directly affects the way in which your vehicle handles and grips the roads around Sag Harbor.

Visit Our Service Center Near Wading River to Service Your Tires

If you're questing whether your tires are in good health, we would be more than happy to check them for you. We want you to drive safely along the streets of Hampton Bays and having the proper tires for the winter season is part of that.

Feel free to schedule a service with us either online, over the phone, or by stopping by our dealership. You can even set up a service scheduler through Xtime that will tell you wen you need to service your Volvo.

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