New Volvo XC60 Vehicles For Sale in Riverhead, NY

New, Updated 2022 Volvo XC60 Luxury SUVs at Eagle Volvo Near Riverhead, NY

At Eagle Volvo, this new Volvo production year features the all-new, updated Volvo XC60 luxury SUV.

With the advent and implementation of Volvo Mild Hybrid technology, Volvo XC60 has become the flagship for all things going forward at Eagle Volvo. Near Manorville, eventually the entire Volvo luxury SUV, sedan and wagon line-up will feature one form of electrification. This realized in Volvo XC60, new for 2022 and harboring a Volvo Mild Hybrid powertrain.

Volvo XC60 and New Generation, Volvo Mild Hybrid Powertrains

Sag Harbor is known for its pristine environment and quality of life. So, it behooves all of us to seek sustainable practices in all things, especially in the vehicles we drive.

For 2022, Volvo Cars has outfitted most of its line-up with new generation, Volvo Mild Hybrid powertrains. This distinction is seen in the B5/B6 designation and will eventually be the catalyst for a phasing out of Volvo fuel-fired powertrains.

In that, let's examine the inner workings of Volvo XC60 and Volvo Mild Hybrid technology at work:

  • When braking on a Wading River road, much in energy is expended. And acceleration soon after will spend a great deal of fuel.
  • By harnessing spent braking energy, it can be stored within an onboard, 48V battery for later use.
  • So, when it comes time to accelerate past Hampton Bays, that stored braking energy is repurposed for providing added power to the Volvo XC60 combustion engine.
  • With this sustainable practice in motion, reduced are emissions throughout Remsenburg and saved is fuel and cash therein.
  • As well, Volvo XC60 Mild Hybrid will never require a plugged-in charge as with Volvo Recharge models offered at Eagle Volvo.

Volvo XC60 - New Powertrains, Updated Accoutrements

Despite new generation, Volvo Mild Powertrains delivering power and performance, Volvo XC60 remains luxurious and safe while tinged with advancements in technology.

It goes without saying, but when purchasing or leasing Volvo XC60, you'll have a state-of-art machine guided by your hands and enjoyed by all senses.

Here's why below:

  • Seating for up to five passengers is great for young Riverhead families.
  • Google applications of Google Maps, Google Assistant and Google Play have been built into the interior and come to life with simple voice commands.
  • Bowers & Wilkins speakers and their strategic positioning enhance the audio experience.
  • Driver support technology gets you from Manorville to Sag Harbor by use of forward-collision avoidance, blind-spot monitoring and lane-keeping assistance, to name but a few tools.
  • Cargo capacity convenes 63.3 cu.-ft., with the ability to tow up to 3,500-lbs. through Hampton Bays.
  • Front-wheel drive and active chassis help to deliver 260 hp and generated torque of 258 lb.-ft., from the 2L, four-cylinder engine.
  • Combined fuel economy between mild hybrid and combustion engine comprises 26 mpge.
  • A cleaner cabin is enabled with advanced air filtration technology, filtering out up to 95% of harmful particles from the cabin.
  • Three Volvo XC60 trims of Momentum, Inscription and R-Design offer individual style elements - both exterior and interior.

Electric Vehicle Federal Tax Credits and Volvo XC60

As an incentive to hybrid and pure-electric vehicle acquisition, the federal government extends tax credits worth thousands of dollars. Though, there are different, graduated sums offered for the degree of electrification.

With purchasing or leasing Volvo XC60 from Eagle Volvo, you'll be entitled to a substantial reduction in your federal tax liability. As well, state rebate programs and other incentives collectively work to save you cash when taking delivery of Volvo XC60 Mild Hybrid.

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